The History Between Us – Charity Fanzine Puts the Doctor and the Master’s Feud Under the Miniscope

UPDATE: The 77 Years Team have been in touch to let me know that The History Between Us will be available to pre-order from the 7th October 2023.

For more than five decades, give or take a few eons, the Doctor has regularly faced off against their greatest nemesis — The Master. The two Time Lords have been friends, enemies, unlikely allies, mutual captives, and everything in between. Since Roger Delgado originated the role back in 1971, these two characters have fascinated Doctor Who writers of every stripe, eager for the chance to peel back the layers of this corrupted bond.

The 77 Years Team have, in their latest charity fanzine – The History Between Us – attempted to do exactly that…

Fights and confessions across time and space, love and hatred through the ages and… couple’s therapy. For the sake of what remains of them. For the sake of the Universe. The History Between Us will chronicle the Doctor and the Master’s adventures across every incarnation, with 30+ contributors, fully illustrated stories, add-on merch and so, so much more.

Introduction, The History Between Us
The History Between Us - Cover Art (c) 77 Years Team
The History Between Us – Cover Art (c) Kris Merola

The History Between Us is “a tome sized, feature length, fully illustrated book of fan creations documenting the most captivating relationship in Doctor Who” featuring the work of 34 contributors. Each of the Doctor’s first thirteen incarnations in a run of short stories culminating in an explosive finale, and a secret epilogue that the creators are keeping under wraps.

Release and pre-order dates still to be confirmed, The History Between Us will be available from The 77 Years Team website in print and digital formats. The digital copy will be available for a minimum donation of £5. But I’d encourage you to donate more if you can since all profits will be put towards a great cause…

Micro Rainbow

All profits from the sale of this fanzine will be passed on to Micro Rainbow, an LGBTQIA+ inclusive charity providing housing to refugees. Launched in 2012, Micro Rainbow aims to also provide access to resources in employment and training, as well as social inclusion activities, to lend a hand to those fleeing persecution.

The 77 Years Team

First formed in December 2021, The 77 Years Team is comprised of Katherine Wheeler, Em Robin and Devon James. All three are regular contributors to Doctor Who fanzines and fundraising media of recent years, including Gender Who? and Doctor Who: Remnants.

Their first foray into fanzines as a group was Around the Universe’s Worst Planet in 77 Years exploring the Master’s long captivity on Earth as seen in part two of Spyfall.

The History Between Us

As mentioned, The History Between Us will be available to pre-order now in print and digital, and it looks like a really fun time for fans of Doctor Who who can’t get enough of the Master as a cosmic frenemy. Best of all, you’ll be supporting LGBTQIA+ people around the world.

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