BREAKING: Terrence Hardiman is Rassilon as the Time War Grips Gallifrey


Sorry, I got too excited for a clever opening line.

The Synopsis of Rassilon

Yes, Big Finish has confirmed the Gallifrey range for three more boxsets tackling the Time War in association with BBC Studios. And to resolve the cliffhanger at the end of series nine which saw the resurrection of Rassilon. Our next trip to the West Wing of the Whoniverse lands in March 2019 with the next volume in February 2020. The quadrilogy will conclude in February 2021.

The Time Lords and the Daleks have opposed one another across millennia. But now, their conflict tips into an all-out Time War, and nowhere across the universe of spacetime is safe. Battle plans will be drawn, allies recruited, and innocents caught in the crossfire. Gallifrey is going to war, and the cosmos will never be the same again.

The Cast of Rassilon

Returning cast members will include Lalla Ward as Romana alongside Seán Carlsen as Narvin. Additional cast members still to be confirmed.

Gallifrey: Time War 1 – the first of this four part arc – featured appearances from Sophie Aldred, Derek Jacobi and Miles Richardson. Not to mention Louise Jameson’s Leela is a fixture of the series. So it’s fair to say that familiar faces aren’t out of the question. We’ll keep you up to date as more details emerge.

The Terrence Hardiman of Rassilon


But it’s the new addition that got me (and every millennial hearing the news) in a right tizzy. Terrence Hardiman will take up the mantle of Rassilon and all associated paraphernalia.

Hardiman has made numerous appearances in the Doctor Who universe. He appeared as the enigmatic Hawthorne in The Beast Below. He’s since played several Big Finish roles, including the aristocratic Richard Pollard, father of the Eighth Doctor’s companion Charley. Earlier this year he played the villain in an episode of Torchwood as the puppetmaster behind a deadly Escape Room.

But it was his titular role in the CBBC series The Demon Headmaster that cemented his place in the nightmares of schoolchildren. Though, with Rassilon set to play politics in the upcoming audio series, it’s possible Hardiman’s take on the Head Time Lord will need to be a bit more of a charmer.

The History of Rassilon

Except for a silent appearance at the end of the last Gallifrey release, Rassilon was last heard at Big Finish way back in 2004. Played by Don Warrington, the co-founder of Time Lord society was a pivotal mover in the Main Range opposite Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. He made his final appearance in The Next Life. On television, the role was originated by Richard Mathews way back in 1983’s The Five Doctors. In the new series, he’s been played by Timothy Dalton and Donald Sumpter.

The Writers of Rassilon


On the writing front, three regulars to the Gallifrey range make their return alongside a new recruit. Lisa McMullin will make her Big Finish debut in Survivors next month. Before contributing to the upcoming special release The Eighth of March for International Women’s Day and the Torchwood monthly range in May. She’s joined by Una McCormack, Matt Fitton and David Llewellyn.

  1. Havoc by David Llewellyn
  2. Partisans by Una McCormack
  3. Collateral by Lisa McMullin
  4. Assassins by Matt Fitton

The Director of Rassilon

Scott Handcock returns as director having taken over the role from Gary Russell in 2015. Here’s what he had to say about continuing the Time War saga:

I’ve felt very lucky to play in the Gallifrey sandbox for its most recent releases, but it’s an even bigger thrill to take us into the Time War and explore how that epic, devastating event impacts upon the lives of our characters.

The Savings of Rassilon

Gallifrey: Time War Volumes Two, Three and Four are available to pre-order now for £23 on CD or £20 on download each.

Volume One is available to buy now for £35 on CD and £30 on download.

A bundle of all four volumes is available at £90 on CD or £80 on download. If you’ve already got Volume One, bundle the three next volumes at £68 on CD or £60 on download.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some repressed childhood trauma to work out.

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