BREAKING: Eighth Doctor Meets His Masters for Ravenous 4

The Ravenous saga will end in a Master-stroke as the Eighth Doctor takes on his arch enemy sliced four ways.

The past, the present, and the future conspire against the Doctor as he fights to defeat the only creature ever to strike fear into the hearts of a Time Lord.

Doctor Who: Ravenous 4 – Coming October 2019 from Big Finish Productions


Big Finish launched the latest run of Eighth Doctor stories in March 2018 with the first volume of Ravenous. The Doctor, joined by his companions Liv and Helen, must track down insane Time Lord The Eleven while being chased by a mysterious bloodthirsty race known as The Ravenous.

Lot of definite articles at play in the Doctor Who universe.

Mark Bonnar, Paul McGann & Hattie Morahan
Mark Bonnar, Paul McGann & Hattie Morahan

Volume three is set to land next month, with faces from the Eighth Doctor’s past and future. But it’s volume four when Ravenous will really get juicy when it’s out in October 2019.

Master Medley

John Dorney will pen the two-part Day of the Master which sees the return of Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Gomez and Eric Roberts as their respective incarnations of The Master.

Day of the Master was possibly the most exciting and yet terrifying brief I’ve ever had. Finishing off the Ravenous arc was a big enough responsibility on its own… but throw in wanting to give great material to Sir Derek Jacobi… and Michelle Gomez… and that’s before we even get to the heart-stoppingly fantastic prospect of bringing Eric Roberts’ Master back face to face with the Doctor again for the first time in over twenty years. You can see why it might be intimidating! But honestly it was one of the best times I’ve ever had writing a Doctor Who story. I really hope the audience enjoy it as much as I did!

John Dorney, Writer ‘Day of the Master’

Matt Fitton will write the first two stories, Whisper and Planet of Dust. The latter story will feature Geoffrey Beevers as The Master’s emaciated form. A role that Beevers has played since 1981’s The Keeper of Traken and who wrote a spine-tingling Short Trips adventure for his Master appropriately titled I Am The Master.

Bruce and John

Astute readers will notice that this pits Eric Roberts and Paul McGann against one another for the first time since they originated their roles in the 1996 television movie. McGann has played the Doctor in over 100 Big Finish releases since 2001 whereas Roberts only returned as the Master this past January in series five of The Diary of River Song.

David Richardson, Derek Jacobi, Mark Bonnar, Nicola Walker & Ken Bentley

But they’re not the only casting reunion due. Nicola Walker, who plays Liv Chenka, will be catching up with the old man. She played Gillian opposite Derek Jacobi as her father Alan in Last Tango in Halifax. Jacobi plays the War Master in various Big Finish ranges as well as the character’s own series. McGann is due to appear in volume three of that range come July.

Ken Bentley

Director Ken Bentley said of the production…

This seems to have been a box set for reunions. It’s going to be fascinating to hear what listeners think of the Eighth Doctor reuniting with Roberts’ Master. I’m sure those shockwaves will ripple through time. But it was a genuine delight to have Nicola Walker reunite with Derek Jacobi. The green room was filled with laughter that day.

Ken Bentley, Director & Script Editor

David Richardson

Producer David Richardson talked about the logistics of the series…

We’ve tried to do something a bit different with Ravenous. Coming out of Doom Coalition, we wanted to go a bit darker, a bit scarier – to mark the saga with a shift in tone. With all four box sets now recorded, I feel a sense of relief – it’s been such a huge logistical challenge! Ravenous 4 alone required six studio days in cities as far apart as Los Angeles, New York and London! But we did it. We told that whole, big story and we’ve brought back three Masters and Missy in a breathtaking finale.

David Richardson, Producer


Doctor Who: Ravenous 4 is available to pre-order now from the Big Finish website. And should be released in October.

In the meantime, I wrote a spotter’s guide to these versions of The Master. Maybe you wanna check that out, I dunno.

Which Master confrontation will be the most exciting? Why is it Eric Roberts. Let me know in the comments!

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