MOON MAN: Capaldi Charity Fanzine in aid of the Glasgow School of Art

An upcoming charity fanzine, Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine, in aid of the Glasgow School of Art, will celebrate the life and times of one of its most famous alumni.

Moon Man

Produced and distributed by Razthem, Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine features artwork from fans of Peter Capaldi. To make sure you can take in every image, the 64-page anthology features a branching narrative that takes you on a visual journey through the book. Think Bandersnatch but for Peter Capaldi’s career.

Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine
Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine

Peter Capaldi

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a Doctor Who fan so he should need no introduction. But, just in case, Peter Capaldi is a Glasgow-born actor, writer and director. He won an Oscar in 1995 for directing Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life and is probably best known to the general public for his role as the acerbic Malcolm Tucker in the BBC comedy series The Thick of It. For Doctor Who fans, however, he’s best known as The Doctor. More accurately, the time traveller’s twelfth incarnation with Capaldi taking over from Matt Smith in 2014 and staying on until 2017.

Among his other talents, Capaldi is also an enthusiastic illustrator. An ability he honed at the Glasgow School of Art.

Glasgow School of Art

Money raised from Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine will go to supporting student development, including programmes to study abroad and to help fledgling talent acquire scholarships.

In June last year, a fire broke out that devastated the Mackintosh Building of the Glasgow School of Art. The 120 firefighters called in were eventually able to quell the blaze. Thankfully there were no reported casualties but the 100 year old building was totally gutted. Capaldi supported a fundraising campaign in 2014 which raised £35 million to help restore the building after an earlier fire destroyed its historic library.

Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine – Merch Sample

Available to Pre-Order

Moon Man: A Peter Capaldi Charity Zine is available to pre-order now until April 29th from to ship in late May or early June.

The physical copy is $20 plus shipping and handling whereas the digital version is $10 and costs nothing to ship. However, if you’re a fan of swag (and who isn’t?) you can grab a merch bundle featuring artwork from the fanzine on a selection of badges, stickers and bookmarks. This is available to buy with or without the fanzine. There’s also a snazzy shirt available separately.

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