Here’s Every Doctor Who Thing Released During Coronavirus Lockdown [UPDATED]

With the UK and much of the world stuck indoors to slow the spread of COVID-19, the teams at Doctor Who Magazine and the BBC have been making sure that we can still see a Doctor during this outbreak. Most notably, DWM writer Emily Cook has been organising livetweets of particular episodes with contributions from the creators behind it.

Emily is using these events to raise money for The Film and Television Charity. Head over to the JustGiving page and donate if you can.

But a lot of this stuff has been spread across multiple platforms, I decided to put it all in one place so you can keep track of the Doctor’s advice.

Incoming Transmission

From the official Doctor Who Twitter account, Jodie Whittaker gives a much-needed word of reassurance to her fan fam.

Things She Thought While Falling by Chris Chibnall

Incumbent showrunner Chris Chibnall penned a short story depicting the fall of the newly-regenerated Thirteenth Doctor from the TARDIS and into the lives of Graham, Ryan and Yaz.

The Day of the Doctor

The first livetweet episode on Saturday 21st March 2020 saw writer Steven Moffat release a short introduction video starring Dan Starkey as Strax.

Backup YouTube link in case the tweet is deleted.


The second livetweet on Thursday 26th March, also the 15th anniversary of the new series, saw Russell T Davies produce a lot of new content.

Firstly, Rose: The Prequel – a resurrected short story originally written in 2013 depicting the regeneration of the Eighth Doctor into the Ninth. Back when that wasn’t likely to give people headaches…

Once the episode was over, voiceman Jacob Dudman released a short audio story serving as a sequel to the story written by Davies. This is also available in the Target novel format on Instagram.

Press Play by Pete McTighe

Pete McTighe – Who writer and Behind the Sofa regular – penned a new short story featuring the Thirteenth Doctor…

The Raggedy Doctor by Amelia Pond

Written by Steven Moffat with illustrations by Fio Trethewey and music by Joe Kraemer, this short was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Matt Smith’s debut episode…

The Terror Of The Umpty Ums by Steven Moffat

United We Stand (2m apart)

Rory’s Story

Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan reprised their roles as Rory and Amy respectively for a short minisode set after their departure from the TARDIS. Rory introduces the next livetweet episode, The Doctor’s Wife, in a video diary he’s creating for his soon-to-be-adopted son Anthony.

Not to mention Suranne Jones, who plays Idris, sending a video greeting.

The Shadow Passes by Paul Cornell

Farewell, Sarah Jane

Marking nine years since Sarah Jane Smith actor Elisabeth Sladen passed away, Russell T Davies wrote a short, heartbreaking but joyful farewell to the character. Featuring guest appearances from her friends…

Sladen’s daughter Sadie Miller posted a video greeting shortly after to thank everyone for their support and messages…

The Simple Things by Joy Wilkinson

The Big Night In

A gaggle of former Doctors made a tribute to the NHS for BBC One’s The Big Night In…

Shadow of a Doubt/The Shadow in the Mirror

For the live rewatch of Human Nature and Family of Blood, Paul Cornell wrote a short prologue starring Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield. Seemingly reconciling the novel version of the story – featuring Benny and the Seventh Doctor – with the TV version of the story…

As well as a coda to round off the story with Lor Wilson returning as the family-member inhabiting the body of Lucy Cartwright.

The Metaltron – Dalek

The Girl in the Fireplace

The Zygon Isolation

The Descendants of Pompeii


An Adventure in Space and Time

The Rings of Akhaten

New Earth & Gridlock

The Best of Days by Steven Moffat

Remember to check out Emily Cook’s JustGiving page.

Doctor Who Theme – From Home

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales convened for a lockdown rendition of the Doctor Who theme tune.

Meeting of the Doctors

To mark the launch of HBO’s new streaming service HBO Max, featuring the first eleven seasons of the revived series, Jodie Whittaker, Matt Smith and David Tennant met up (virtually) for a chat with IGN’s Terri Schwartz.


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