Time Lord Victorious: What’s the Plan?

September sees the launch of the massive multi-platform brand exercise that is Time Lord Victorious uniting all the Doctor Who licensees in one story.

Time Lord Victorious Timeline

Well, sort of.

As the handy dandy timeline provided on the website shows, Time Lord Victorious actually began back in March – before the project was even announced – with the launch of Escape Hunt’s A Dalek Awakens escape room. But it will kick off in earnest on the 2nd September with the first of the Defender of the Daleks comic storyline. Followed closely by a story in the 2021 Doctor Who Annual and the first entry in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip storyline – Monstrous Beauty #1.

In October, things really kick off with the books, audios, more comics and figurines start to come out. Continuing with releases through November and December and coming to a close in 2021 with the Immersive Everywhere experience Time Fracture.

So, you’re probably wondering, how’s old WhoShelf gonna handle all these new releases on his own?

Short answer: I’m not. Well, not exactly.

WhoShelf is a blog about Doctor Who books. There are hundreds of Doctor Who news blogs and YouTube channels that cover product news and reviews. But, this website is just for books because that’s the subject I know enough about to give an informed opinion. Granted, I’ve stretched the definition before – to audio stories, comics and charity fanzines – but with the understanding that it’s only my opinion.

Likewise, I think Time Lord Victorious is a special case since at least half the overarching story is being told through media that’s in my wheelhouse. So I’m making an exception and covering TLV as broadly as I can. But since it’s not financially viable for me to cover everything and there are people with far more expertise on this stuff than me, I’m gonna need some help.

For my own part, here are the parts of Time Lord Victorious I will definitely be covering:

  • BOOKS: The Knight, the Fool and the Dead and All Flesh is Grass
  • COMICS: Defender of the Daleks #1 and #2
  • AUDIOS: All digital Big Finish, BBC Audio & Demon Records releases
  • DWM: Monstrous Beauty #1, #2 and #3

But that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring everything else! I’m talking to potential guest writers at the moment who may be able to offer their opinions on aspects of Time Lord Victorious I have less experience with or can’t access. I’m also hoping to interview as many of the people behind Time Lord Victorious as possible. That includes writers, producers, artists and actors to offer a small peek behind the curtain! With any luck, the long-awaited WhoShelf podcast will also be up and running in the coming weeks, with the COVID-19 crisis delaying production until quite recently.

All the best and stay safe!


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