Time Scope is a Charity Anthology to Bring the Doctor Who Universe Together

Doctor Who fans are creative and philanthropic people so there are plenty of projects where people have donated their time and work to raise money for good causes. When the opportunity presents itself, I like to lend what little exposure I can to these anthologies and today we have a belter.

Time Scope

FULL DISCLOSURE: I contributed a short story to the Time Scope anthology.

Doctor Who fans from around the world have joined forces to raise funds for Scope, the disability equality charity. Time Scope is an unofficial and unauthorised Doctor Who charity anthology e-book containing 50 short stories interspersed with poetry and artwork, which weaves its way through time and space visiting the Doctors and their friends. Along the way, cast and crew share their memories of working on the show and projects from the wider Whoniverse.


Matthew Rimmer – perhaps better known for his WhoHats Twitter account documenting the show’s headgear successes – came up with the idea for Time Scope shortly after lockdown began. He wanted to unite Doctor Who fans with a collection of stories all centered on the theme of togetherness. All the proceeds from the sale of Time Scope will be donated to the disability charity Scope, who work to raise awareness of issues facing those with disabilities, fight for equality and provide information and support.

I put the call out…for submissions of short stories, poems, artwork and factual pieces from Doctor Who fans centring on the theme of connection – togetherness, family, friendship and the bonds that bind us in the context of the Doctor Who universe – to be interpreted as the contributors saw fit.

Matthew Rimmer

There’s a lot of really great content in this anthology, starting off with the foreword from the irrepressible Katy Manning. From there it moves through the Doctor’s incarnations, marking each new era with a new piece of artwork contributed by Connor Adkins. Of the many highlights, Jon Culshaw shares an anecdote on meeting Elisabeth Sladen while dressed up as Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, there are stories covering the spin-offs like Torchwood and Class and James Goss provides a previously unpublished poem starring the Rani.

Time Scope is available to buy now. All proceeds will go to Scope.

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