RESULTS: Terrance Dicks World Cup – Day Three

The third day of the Terrance Dicks World Cup is over and we have our top 16. This will decide which ten novelizations of Doctor Who stories will go into a 2020 anthology celebrating the career of the late Terrance Dicks.

Keep up with all the action by checking out the #TerranceDicksWorldCup hashtag or following the @DWBBCBooks Twitter account. But for those who need it, here’s a roundup of day three.

As the second round of voting kicked off last night, it became clear that the first round results were no indication of the second round winners. Despite claiming the top spot in Group B, The Planet of the Spiders came last in its group with only 17%.

With Group E/F ending on a tie for second place between The Loch Ness Monster and The Three Doctors, the ref called for extra time with a tiebreaker to be decided in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

However, not long after there was more drama as The Deadly Assassin and Inferno tied for first place. We’ll update this post as and when a decision on how to break the tie is made.

At close of play, the final 16 are as follows:

GroupFirst PlaceSecond Place
A/BThe Auton InvasionThe Abominable Snowmen
C/DGenesis of the DaleksThe Day of the Daleks
E/FThe Five Doctors[The Loch Ness Monster/The Three Doctors]
G/HThe Talons of Weng-ChiangThe Robots of Death
I/JThe Giant RobotThe Faceless Ones
K/LThe Pyramids of MarsThe Wheel in Space
M/NThe Dalek Invasion of EarthThe Horror of Fang Rock
O/P[The Deadly Assassin/Inferno]The Time Warrior

Sadly it looks like the Sixth Doctor has been benched as The Trial of a Time Lord gets knocked out. Meanwhile, the First and Fifth Doctors only have one story each still in the running depending on how tomorrow’s tie break plays out. The involvement of the Fourth and Second Doctors seems to be as good as guaranteed while things look a little more dubious for the Third Doctor. But at the end of day two it’s still all to play for.

We’ll bring you more analysis of the first round results tomorrow. But for now, let us know in the comments which stories you’re hoping to see in the anthology.

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