RESULTS: Terrance Dicks World Cup – Day Four

The fourth day of the Terrance Dicks World Cup concludes and voting is well underway to choose the top ten. This will decide which novelizations of Doctor Who stories will go into a 2020 anthology celebrating the career of the late Terrance Dicks.

Keep up with all the action by checking out the #TerranceDicksWorldCup hashtag or following the @DWBBCBooks Twitter account. But for those who need it, here’s a roundup of day four.

As play began, the results of last night’s replay emerged and, in a surprise twist, The Three Doctors won out over The Loch Ness Monster.

However, the tie between The Deadly Assassin and Inferno was apparently decided by the judges as the former went through to the next round.

As play resumed, the ref set out the rules for the next round of voting:

So it’s all to play for tonight as the polls opened. We’re expecting the first results tomorrow morning but a look at the current results seems to indicate that it’s going to be close. As fans battle to keep their favourites in the running, will some Doctors have to rely on the runner-up polls to have a chance of making it into the anthology?

We’ll bring you the results of the polls tomorrow. But for now, let us know in the comments which stories you’re hoping to see in the anthology.

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